About Us

FIRST Team 1241 - THEORY6 in partnership with FIRST Robotics CANADA is very excited to introduce "The FIRST Badge Program" that was successfully deployed at the 2015 FLL Ontario East and West Provincials.

Why the Badge Program

  • FIRST impacts more than 280,000 students but currently has no data tracking mechanisms in place to track the progression of students from Jr. FLL to FRC as well as proof of skills attained.
  • Student over the age of 13 register in STIMS, however there is no tracking of student's involvement with FIRST prior to that.
  • Students also do not have any "proof of skills" of what they learn through the FIRST programs for post-secondary education and/or workforce.
  • No current effective tracking mechanisms for all the alumni FIRST members.
  • No database of students/alumni/mentors based on skills/years of experience with FIRST programs.
  • A deficit in the retention rate of students returning to mentor FIRST teams.
  • No current FIRST certifications for FIRST programs.

Our Goals

FIRST Team 1241 THEORY6 is always looking for ways to generate a desire where the new culture aspires to be better.

The idea of creating a desire where new culture aspires to be better through levels of certifications and skills set can help us address the areas of improvement we face in the current situation for the FIRST world. Through this program, we are also striving to enable companies and industries to recognize FIRST Certifications.

Proposed Solution

  • When students enroll into Jr. FLL, they would register into STIMS with parental approval.
  • A FIRST ID number will be generated that will be the "FIRST ID" for the student throughout their journey with all FIRST Programs.
  • Create a database through STIMS which will enable the FIRST community to have an easy and efficient tracking system.
  • As soon as a student completes his first year with any FIRST Robotics program, they earn an introductory FIRST badge.
  • Each FIRST program would then enable students to receive badges as they pass each skill level or year through their FIRST journey.
  • Upon progression from one program to another the student will use the same ID to register thereby now enabling FIRST and the student to view progression thereby enabling an electronic proof of completion and/or attained skills through FIRST.